POINT Co. Ltd Pracownia Projektowa Spółka z o.o.
ul. Nowowiejska 48a 50-315 Wrocław
Tel.(Fax) (+4871) 321-75-91
e-mail: point@post.pl http://www.point.com.pl



POINT Co. Ltd.
Pracownia Projektowa Spółka z ograniczon± odpowiedzialno¶ci±

Design office:
54-613 Wrocław
Osiedlowa 31a
Tel/Fax (+4871) 321-75-91
e-mail: point@post.pl http://www.point.com.pl

1.Full name and office address:
POINT Co. Ltd Pracownia Projektowa Spółka z o.o.
Short name: POINT Co. Ltd
Office address: 54-614 Wrocław, Krzemieniecka Street 47
Tel/Fax (+4871) 321-75-91

Company with 100% private initial capital.

Master engineer architect Małgorzata Chrab±szcz - Co-owner and head chairman in board of supervisors,
Adam Chrab±szcz - Co-owner

National Court Register, No. KRS 0000205035

since December 1995. (Straight continuation of business running since 1990)

POINT Co. Ltd Pracownia Projektowa Sp. z o.o. established as a result of separation from running since 1990 training and design company POINT Spółka z o.o. in Wrocław, Energetyczna 14 street, registrated in Commerce Register No. H 1925 (Local Court - Wrocław Fabryczna) - design studio POINT as an independent commercial activity working over designing in building and architecture. Detachment from POINT Spółka z o.o. took place as a result of Design Studio development. Management and terms of reference left unchanged. The team continues its activity under POINT Co. Ltd Pracownia Projektowa Sp. z o.o. name registrated in Wrocław Fabryczna Commerce Court (Statement of Local Court for Wrocław Fabryczna, 15th of January 1996, Commerce Register No. H 6061).

6. PN- EN ISO 9001:2001
16th of December 2002 POINT Co. Ltd. Pracownia Projektowa Sp. z o.o. recieved CERTIFICATE No. 77/2002 licensed by Polish International Commerce Chamber. It is a proof that management system in POINT Co. Ltd. Pracownia Projektowa Sp. z o.o. Wrocław, Poland have met requirements of PN - EN ISO 9001:2001 standard in range of : managing building and engineering investments, multibranch designing and supervision in field of building engineering (also included monumental renovations, studying over architectural and buildings analyses, historical conservation and urbanistic; town planning; consulting and preparing investments; multibranch interior and industrial form projects; green fields, woodlands and small architecture projects.

7.Range of activity:
1. Realizing multibranches projects in range of:

  • town planning;
  • general building projects (offices, hotels, commerce and service centers, banks etc.);
  • industrial, health and gastronomy objects;
  • housing and others;
  • monumental buildings restoration; interior design; green fields and woodlands (landscape architecture);
  • architectural details and industrial forms

2. Managing building investments.
3. Author's and developer's supervising.
4. Works over studies and building analyses.
5. General investment and building consulting.

Design team consist of designers and their assistants with passion of creating led by Master Engineer Architect Małgorzata Chrab±szcz many times have started in won auctions and other contents in Poland and abroad. Experience of head designer architect Małgorzata Chrab±szcz gained trough several years of work in BPBBO MIASTOPROJEKT in Wrocław, as a designer in EPR Design Studio in London and since 1990 in her own POINT Design Studio guarantees the highest european level projects using the newest technology and materials made by world's best producers. Close contacts with reputable building and finishing materials suppliers, contractors and producers provides designing and execution on the highest level. Using high-tech methods of building and finishing objects, allows us to create the architecture with the big "A".

Pracownia Projektowa POINT Sp. z o.o. have been awarded with the Wrocław's Governor first prize for character of architecture expressed in projects and realizations.

In 1996 architect Małgorzata Chrabąszcz was invited to show POLISH ARCHITECTURE at the 6th MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DI ARCHITETTURA in Venice where among eight others architects presents projects realized in POINT Design Studio.

Towarzystwo Miło�ników Wrocławia (The Companionship of Wrocław Fans) awarded Małgorzata Chrabąszcz with the first prize in 4th Klub Budowniczych Wrocławia (The Wrocław's Builders Club) Content for the most beatiful interior of the year for the Bank Rozwoju Eksportu interior project in Wrocław.

Award : "Mister Wrocławia" - for the best interior project in 1999. Project FOOD COURT for American Restaurant Services (2800m2) in the "Korona" Centre in Wrocław, Krzywoustego 126 Street.